You can trust the packaging of your goods to our experts

It is very important to wrap your belongings carefully.  819 777 6683 (MOVE)

At Déménagement maximum+ we offer all the necessary equipment to securely wrap your belongings.

Material and usage

1.5 foot cube box Dishwasher, books, cassettes, CD, DVD
2.0 foot cube box Bathroom content, commodes content, decorations, dishes, etc
4.0 foot cube box Pots and pans, plastic containers, electronics
5.0 foot cube box Bed sheets, pillows, towels
Wrapping paper box For dishes, fragile decorations, sharp objects
Bubble plastic To wrap your lamps, electronics, big fragile objects, picture frames

Our prices

1.5 foot cube $1.50
2.0 foot cube $1.80
4.0 foot cube $2.80
5.0 foot cube $3.25
Large wardrobe $16.25
Dish paper box $10.00 (10 lbs) / $25.00 (25 lbs)
Tape $1.75
Bubble plastic $0.65 / pi
Single size mattress bag $5.50
Double size mattress bag $6.50
Queen size mattress bag $7.75
King size mattress bag $9.25
With move service, rental wardrobe $5.00
Wrapping blankets rental $2.00 / day
Cart rental $15.00 / day

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